Secret Dreams


When your mind is full and you cannot sleep...

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Don’t cry before I leave,

Don’t say you’ll miss me,

Don’t say you loved me,

Just say you care,

Just tell me It’ll be alright.

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Hope You Both Are Well =]


I miss my friends Coccolare and Silly-Go-Round~

I don’t know where’s all my time gone~

Do you have a little wish,

One that I can grant?

Do you have a secret book,

That I can read, alone?

Do you have  a silent whisper,

That no one has heard before?

Can you tell me something,

That will make you all mine? 

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Do you feel the sun shine

Warming our curled toes?

Do you hear the birds cry

Notes of passioned love?

Do you hear the silent smile

As I melt into your skin?

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I don’t care if you think she’s pretty,

I don’t care if you think she’s smart,

I don’t care if you think she’s funny,

Cuz I don’t need to be perfect - 

Just tell me I’m pretty, too,

Just tell me I’m smart, too,

Just tell me I’m funny, too,

And I promise I’ll be content. 

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Isn’t it strange? The way I miss you?

Isn’t it strange? The way I love you?

Isn’t it strange? The way I want you?

I miss you all the time

but I won’t call you,

I love you all the time

but I won’t tell you,

I want you exactly as you are

at that very moment, just —

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I just remembered I forgot to eat dinner.

01:38 am, by coccolare

Baby we’re still alive - 

we’re still alive and kicking it

back on the couch 

relaxing with my boo

It’s all I wanna do, 

We’re moving as fast as we needa

Nothing’s gonna make me leave

any sooner than I need to. 


What imma be doing as soon as I finish this paper: 2 paragraphs down. 10 pages to go. Sigh, Hope you’all are enjoying your break/ good luck on exams (and papers!) :) 

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Exactly one week from now, summer break officially starts for me!

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pisforpoetry wanted to know: I love your poetry. I don't think there was one I skipped over that I didn't like before I felt I was stalking :) I look forward to following you!

Thank you!

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Yearning for the warm sands,

Sitting in the cool sun,

Wet salt hitting my cheeks - 

For now I’ll settle

For sunny yellow on my toes. 

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I wanna go here!

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It’s funny how life works, isn’t it? How often do you meet a person that you think you can share everything with? To be completely honest and loyal and truthful. To put them before you, not because you should, but because you want to. 

But love isn’t easy. You can’t read minds, or make them talk to you. They cover what may hurt, but it hurts more to know they hid it in the first place. 

In the end you can only ask for as much as they’re willing to give. As much as you’re willing to receive. As much as you’re willing to let go. 

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I heard you,

when you thought I didn’t

I heard you,

when you thought I hung up

I heard you,

even though you didn’t repeat it

I heard you,

say “I love you” 

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Stranger with your pretty eyes,

Why do you look at me so?

Filled with amber love,

Looking at me with swirly eyes,

Can you see me?

Do you see me?

I am not a pretty face -

There’s lots in the world I’d like to change,

What happens if I want to change you, too?

Will you still look with your pretty eyes

only at me? 

Will you tollerate my moods?

WIll you tell me when I’m wrong?

Will you stay strong for me?

Stranger, I want to know,

Will you come closer?

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